Oil on canvas.  Signed by the artist.
41" x 31"
About the artist:
Jan Wenczka is an artist like no other - being a professional artist for over 40 years has meant that Jan has seen governments rise and fall, countries born and split and technology change the world all from behind an easel.Born in England 1946 to a Polish Father and an Italian Mother, Jan had a very European up-bringing. Having attended art school he found a passion for learning different artist techniques on canvas,Jan’s work can be found on walls in homes and galleries in every country of the world. The ability of his work to transcend all boundaries and connect with people everywhere has been the secret to his success. He has provided commission pieces from as large as 8ft x 12ft and pictures as small a 1ft x 1ft, with some of his works taking up to 4 months to finish.  https://www.wenczkaart.co.uk/Wenczka-Art-About-Me